What Do Chickens Eat? An Easy Guide to Keep Your Chickens Healthy


what do chickens eatDuring the course of feeding your chickens, you may get confused by the numerous commercial feeds available in the market. In turn you may lose your light as to what do chickens eat that will provide them with optimal nutrition. Do not fret anymore, for this article will shed some light on this query.

Commercial feeds basically come in three different types: pellets, crumbles, and mash. Feeds are prepared in accordance to the nutritional requirements of an age group. Chicks need protein above all for faster growth and development, while older chickens need starch to promote shinier feathers and energy to run about. Among the three, pellets and crumbles are the forms most convenient when feeding chickens, as it is easily dispensed by hand. However, if you are aiming to increase the weight and plump up the chickens, mash is more recommended for older chickens. Mash is basically heavier on the gut and slower to digest, but once it is digested it is absorbed faster. This form of feed is observed by owners of chickens who battle on cockfights.

Some chicken farmers opt to feed their chickens a select mixture of grains named scratch regularly. Aside from being natural, it also provides the essential starch older chickens need. Since chickens are not picky animals, farmers even come up with their own blend of foods. Upon research, one farmer swears by mixing two tablespoons of oatmeal with grains, sunflower seeds and vegetable oil. Remember that chickens feed an average of four ounces per day, how frequent depends on their hunger. Take this in moderation, unless you are really plumping your chickens up.

Other foods to include on their diet include grit, which are slower to digest making it the perfect feed during winter season. Oyster shells are given to hens as additional sources of calcium. Some farmers invest on supplying multivitamin oils specially formulated for chickens. They put one to two drops of this formula to their feeds.

For variety, treats and scraps are important to compensate for the other nutrients the chickens may lack. Commonly, farmers let their chickens roam out so they can feed on anything they want. Some feed on grains while others feed on small worms. In conclusion, there is no specific answer as to what do chickens eat. Rather, let yourself learn by observation.



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