Raising Free Range Chickens - 5 Easy Steps To
Start Chicken Keeping


raising free range chickensMany poultry farmers these days prefer raising free range chickens. For those who are new to poultry farming, the term "free range chickens" simply refers to those birds that are permitted to roam around instead of being cooped up in cages. It has been said that the meat that comes from such chickens tends to be organic; hence, it is considered healthier than the ordinary barn-raised chicken meat.

There are several reasons why people choose raising free range chickens. In this method of poultry farming, the herder is likely to get reduced expenses on housing and feeds. It is also beneficial for the fact that it tends to produce higher-quality poultry products than when the chickens are caged. Because the free range chickens are not contained inside a crowded coop, the occurrence contagious diseases on fowls is kept on minimum.

Raising free range chickens can also be done in the backyard. You do not necessarily have to acquire a large farmland to start rearing free range chickens. If you want to pursue this poultry farming method, here are some easy steps that you should follow:

1. Acquire chicks from a dealer. Take note of the breed that you want to raise.

2. Keep the chicks inside a brooder until they have reached a certain period where they are ready to be taken out into the open.

3. Create a fenced-in area where the chickens may roam freely. It does not have to be a large space, but make sure that it is enough for the number of chickens that you are raising.

4. Do not forget to build a coop on the fenced-in area. The chickens will still require a shelter. Build a coop that is suitable for the flock's size. If you have more than five chickens, build separate coops that will contain 4-5 heads. During the rainy weather, the chickens may be forced to shelter to keep them warm. Always keep some feeds in the coop even if they are actually being taught to obtain food on their own.

5. Assess the surroundings first if you plan to let the chickens roam outside the fenced-in area that you have initially provided for them. Most poultry farmers who are raising free range chickens often use the fenced-in area to allow the chickens to familiarize themselves with their environment before they can freely roam. Free range chickens usually do not roam too far from the coop. However, you still have to make sure that the surroundings are safe from unlikely predators such as the neighborhood dogs.



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