Raising Free Range Chickens - Few Aspects To Focus On When Setting Up The Business


raising free range chickens

Raising free range chickens has been one of the most successful agricultural businesses in the past century, and if you're planning to venture in this animal farming enterprise, you will not find it difficult to learn investing in the right resources and managing the operations. In this business you will only have one aim - to give the chickens the healthiest life possible so you can harvest the best products that will yield maximum profits.

There are few essential aspects that you must focus on in setting up the business. In raising free range chickens, you need to identify the best feed to give the birds so you can secure their optimal growth. You also have to invest in the birds' housing and the necessary equipment for its maintenance. Much of the efforts in setting up will be channeled to planning the farm facility and deciding on the breed of chicken to rear.

In the United States, the government requires poultry farmers to provide free range housing to their stock. This means that aside from keeping them in spacious indoor cages, the chickens also have to be allowed to freely walk around in an outdoor field. There are no specifications about the size of the outdoor field, but the poultry farming industry recommends giving each bird at least 5 square meters of moving space. Although raising free range chickens sounds like an impeding rule, this requirement is actually doing chicken farmers a favor. Chickens will feel comfortable if they are given time to walk around the dig the ground. Natural food such as worms, weeds, and grass can be obtained by the birds from the soil, and this in turn will reduce the costs of feeds. Since the chickens are placed in this favorable habitat, they surely will produce quality eggs and meat.

Once you finalize the decision of raising free range chickens for business, consult with a poultry industry expert and find out how to build the best chicken farm. Regardless of the size of your capital, your farm should be situated in an area nearby production facilities like feed mill, hatcheries, and slaughter houses, among many others. You can choose to raise the chickens and then sell their eggs, raise them and sell meat, and both. For you to secure the necessary permits in operating the business, make sure the farm conforms to the standards of the industry and of the local government. Doing so will make it easier for you to find clients to supply chicken products to.



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