Raising Chickens in the City - How to Begin If You Are Interested to Start a Chicken Farm


raising chickens in the cityIf you're interested in venturing on a small chicken farming home business, you can start by being a contract grower of a big supplier. Note that at this time, the key players of the poultry industry are already in place. Starting small by selling chicken eggs and meat to relatives, friends, and neighbors won't do the trick. If you want to make it big, get into a relatively huge farm raising chickens in city and learn the mazes of the business by being a grower.

Established chicken farms can serve the needs of big food businesses and corporations. These farms have their own breeding spaces, hatcheries, rearing coops, and slaughter houses. In other words, they are self-sufficient and can work on their own without difficulty in resources. They know what feeds to provide, what animal medications to use, how to improve the grow-out facilities, and how to manage people. Knowing how the business works will definitely train you on selling and raising chickens in city farms, handling business negotiations and keeping a network of industry contacts.

Because they mostly serve the needs of the biggest food companies, huge poultry farms sometimes cannot accommodate the demand of their clients, and because of this they have to partner with smaller chicken farming businesses that can provide steady supply of chicken meat. This is where the opportunity comes in. When you agree to become a partner grower of a poultry company, you will be offered a contract asking for a significant number of chickens you have to rear and deliver in exchange of a price. The contract will state the specific quantity of birds you have to provide, the price to be charged for each bird, and all other responsibilities that your business and the poultry farm must fulfill.

The best locations for raising chickens in city are areas within the vicinity of a huge poultry farm. Note that big-time suppliers want to be close to their partner growers as much as possible, so those home businesses within a few kilometer-radius of the farm will definitely have an edge. Also note that the location does not necessarily have to be scenic or countryside-like. The most important aspects in raising chickens in city are its nearness to feed suppliers, its ready partnership with processing plants, its nearness to coop construction dealers, as well as its adherence to local government rules on poultry raising and operations.



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