Raising Chickens For Eggs - All You Need To Know For Maximum Results

raising chickens for eggsThe basic ingredient for thousands of recipes will be eggs. Without it, there would be no cakes, pastries, and even scrumptious breakfast meals. It is produced by hens after reaching their six months of age. Raising chickens for eggs is prolific in the first two years of a hen's life. As your hen grows old, production of eggs also decreases. So, if you want to have continuous production of eggs, you should consider having one to two new birds per year.

If you are happy with one bird, you can use the power of light and salt to intensify your hen's laying potential. For using salt, you can mix 200 grams of salt for every two sacks of your bird feeding. Feed it to your laying hen and wait until it's time. Raising chickens for eggs must be done with proper lighting, too. Light is responsible for the maturation of chicken layers that is in charge of egg fabrication.

Another trivia you might want to know is the fact that when you are raising chickens for eggs, hens need not be laid. This egg is what you call as the unfertilized egg. It is sold commercially and produced in various egg companies. But if you want to rear chicks, then you might want to ask for a rooster's help. This egg is what you call as fertilized, and is considered to be healthier than unfertilized egg.

As to gathering the eggs, there is a specific technique to pick up those fragile shells. First, you have to check the weather, if it's hot, be sure to visit your hen's coop at least three times a day. You may also want to increase your visiting frequency because hens tend to peck the shell when it is left on their side in long hours. Use slightly wet cloth for removing the egg's dirt and place it inside your refrigerator.

Raising chickens for eggs is good for setting up a poultry business. You can start with five to seven chickens than later increase the numbers if the business is doing fine. After reading this, for sure, you will now venture to this hobby and start your new egg company.


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