Keeping Chickens In The Back Garden - Top 3 Reasons For Raising Backyard Chickens

keeping chickens in the back gardenFree-range chickens unwittingly perform various tasks in a small-farm setting. They feed on pests, insects and food scraps; loosen up the soil and pull out weeds by scratching; making the soil fertile and of course laying eggs. Keeping chickens in the back garden however may pose some trouble than benefits. Their habitual scratching could destroy your young plants and certainly you really don't need fertilizing your concrete or brick pavement, if there is any. If you really want to keep chickens in your back garden for whatever reason, keep them in a confined space. So what is the purpose of keeping chickens in the back garden anyway? There are several, depending on the intended use by the owner. This would also dictate on what kind of chicken breed you will buy and the types of holding places you will construct for this wonderful enterprise of chicken raising. Here are the top reasons for keeping chickens in the back garden:

1) As pets
Chickens as pets is not as much a popular idea as chicken as food. But many are getting the hang of it because really, chicken are engaging, easy to train, and fun loving animals with personality, that is if you look at them from a different perspective other than looking forward to them as something to eat. They could be loyal companions and would even rest on your lap if given the proper training and attention. For this you wouldn't mind them roaming freely in your garden. But if you happen to live in a predator-infested area, you have to a make a closed and guarded chicken-run or holding pen for your pet chickens. Examples of ideal chicken breeds for pets include the Jersey Giant, Bhrama, and Bantams.

2) For meat
There are people who are fed up on buying those bland, cage-raised dressed chicken from the supermarkets so they go about doing the task of keeping chickens in the back garden for personal consumption themselves. With this, they can ensure the quality of life and ultimately, the quality of meat their homegrown chicken will have. You could well give this a try, that is, if you will find ways of humanely killing your chicks without shedding a tear or two.

3) For eggs
Finally, eggs! This is the staple of the chicken business and you might as well cash in with this multi-million industry, although on a small-scale level - well, smaller than that. Whether you want to produce eggs for personal consumption or for profit, you should pay more attention to the living conditions of your laying hens and the construction of you chicken coop that would provide the best conditions for laying eggs. The internet is a great resource for information about keeping chickens in the back garden for egg production so it would hurt if you click that mouse a few times if you're really interested.


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