How to Raise Chickens For Profit and Start a Lucrative Business

how to raise chickensSo, you have chickens growing on your coop, secure and well-fed. Do you intend to keep them for pets for years? Or have you ever considered raising chickens for profit? You may have not thought about it carefully, hence this article will show you how to raise chickens for profit. You will realize how money is already there scratching earth or resting within the confines of your coop.

1. Eggs are considered a very common ingredient on every day meals. Imagine how necessary eggs will be in a wider market. Consider this: investing on four hens can give you an average of 28 eggs per week!

2. Roosters are annoying when they crow in the early mornings, but their feathers are highly profitable. Given the proper grooming and enough maturity time of 90 days, you can profit $14 per wholesale of feathers.

3. Chickens are definitely delicious; imagine the demand for chickens on fast food chains in this modern world! Most people begin raising their chicks in early spring and sell them out to butchers by winter. Some even prefer doing butchering on their own, as prepared meats have a slightly higher value than those still for butchering.

4. Chicken manure can be sold to fertilizer manufacturers as well for a certain price. If you have a farm as well, you can also save money by using their manure instead. Take note that it's all natural and highly effective too.

For starters it is extremely important to increase the quality of your chicks by also increasing your quality of care and provision of nutrition. Consider that how you raise chickens for profit vary from how you raise chickens as pets. Here are concrete examples you can employ:

1. Oyster shells are fed to hens to ensure stronger egg shells. Hens commonly lay eggs on nests, but most of the time they lay eggs everywhere. Protecting these eggs from predators and nosy neighbors is another consideration.

2. If you plan on raising roosters, choose carefully if you will purchase mixed sets of chicks to prevent unnecessary disposals of females. Providing enough room and platforms for roosters to crow will give them proper exercise. Hydration is important for good feather quality.

3. Increased nutrition is needed by chickens being raised for their meat. These chicks should not be let roaming around as they can grow lean and stringy. Take note of their age before butchering, as it can affect the meat quality.

4. Before doing any of these, ensure that you're following state rules, invest carefully, and select a butcher whom you can trust to do the butchering for you.


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