Easy Guide on Raising Chickens For Food - Have a Freezer Full of Meat by Fall


guide on raising chickensDid you know that Kentucky Fried Chicken alone needs 25,000 to 30,000 chickens per day in the US alone to operate their business? With the increase of the demand for chickens, you can clearly see that raising chickens for food is a growing business. And you can do it too! You have the option to get their meat and eggs for your family or sell them out on companies and butchers and increase your cash inflow. Here is how to start raising chickens for food.

Most chicken farmers prefer acquiring eggs or chicks at the beginning of spring so it can give them a whole year to grow chickens out for easier tracking of their business. Same as before starting any business, intensive research is required for you to highly succeed. Consider the rules of your state when it comes to raising chickens, especially if you can really start making such a business in your area. Next, you need your finances. Raising chickens for food is not an easy task, especially in terms of providing for their shelter and nutrition. Chickens basically need a wide space for exercise and nesting, though chickens that are being raised for meat do not need such a big space, to be explained later.

Be realistic about your goals. Chicken farmers start a flock of not more than 20 chickens. There is something called "pecking order", that causes stress among the flock when not followed well. This is highly important especially when providing food; you want your flock to be equally-fed, without any one ending up malnourished and not profitable. Speaking of nutrition, commercial feeds come in lots of variants but buy one that is for chick starting. It contains the essential nutrients and medicines for healthier growth. As they grow older, some farmers swear by a mixture of oatmeal, vegetable oils, sunflower seeds, and an infusion of multivitamins for optimal health. Decrease pellets as they grow and introduce mash, which contains more protein for increased meat mass. When it comes to exercise, as much as possible do not allow the chickens to roam around. This can tire them out, wearing out their muscles and consequently, their meat.

Follow these tips closely, and search for a qualified butcher to do the job for you. Make sure that the chickens are processed before winter, because their meat will become more rubbery and tough as they grow older than a year.




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