Different Breeds of Chickens - What Are the Popular Chicken Breeds Popularly Used As Pets?


different breeds of chickens"Chicken" and "pets" could be an odd couple for many of us for "chicken'" and "food" should be a better match. But a growing number of people are seeing chicken in a different light, as loyal companions and something to nurture and being taken care of as pets. There are certain different breeds of chickens which are becoming popular as pets nowadays because of the aesthetic and friendly qualities they evoke, quite apart from the gustatory senses we are all familiar with. For all intents and purposes, here are the different breeds of chickens popularly used as pets.

1. Jersey Giant
If you want a really big and imposing pet chicken, the Jersey Giant is for you. In fact they are the biggest chicken breed you will ever find. They are very friendly despite their stature and the breed that will lay egg well into the cold winter.

2. Brahma
It is also a large chicken that lay brown eggs. While some may not be as friendly the Jersey Giants, they can be tamed with proper attention and care. They are very attractive and robust-looking fowls.

3. Mille Fleur
These are actually bantam chickens and are one of the most popular varieties used as pets. They are very attractive for they sport a variety of colors. These roosters are friendly too.

4. Cochin
These are among the most unique looking chickens you will ever see. They have colorful, fancy feathers that make them very popular pets. They are well accustomed to people and frequently used as surrogate hens for orphaned chicks.

5. Australorps
Children are very much fond of having an Australorp as a pet. They are so friendly that they allow some rough playing and being picked up by kids. They are good egg producers and they lay beautiful brown eggs.

6. Ameraucana and Auracana
This is another one of those friendly pet chickens that exhibit a variety of colors and patterns. But what makes them popular quite apart from the different breeds of chickens is the fact that they produce colored eggs. The Ameraucanas produce blue, sometimes blue green eggs while the Auracanas produce blue eggs. They are also popular among kids.

The chickens listed above are quite different breeds of chickens from your common farm chickens. However, quite a few of the so-called farm chickens are also gaining popularity as pets because of their friendly nature and robust physique. These include Leghorns, Sebrights and Andalusians.



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